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Excerpts from March 20, 2022 Recital

Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, Violin Sonata No. 4, Interlude (0:00) and Aria (1:07)

with Kevin Devine, Harpsichord

and Adrienne Hyde, Viola da gamba

HANDEL // Felicissima quest'alma with Twelfth Night Ensemble, recorded November 2021

Excerpts from Gaia Saetermoe-Howard's Degree Recital, November 2019

Quintet for Oboe and Strings by Arnold Bax

Performed by Gaia Saetermoe-Howard and friends (see credits).

Excerpt from Piri by Isang Yun

Performed by Gaia Saetermoe-Howard

Timothy Hommowun, Oboe

Senior Recital, October 2019

Alexis Peart, Soprano

Senior Recital, January 2020

Performed at A=415 Hz on period instruments.

Max Berlin, Jazz Composition

Senior Recital, April 2018

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